Stepping Stones

Welcome to Stepping Stones – where your child can begin their long, fruitful and beautiful relationship with Jesus, their Friend and Saviour.

We introduce the children to our loving heavenly Father, His wonderful Son, Jesus, and the powerful Holy Spirit. We do this through Bible reading, teaching, fun, games, craft activities and music. We pray and worship with the children and during the hour or so they are in our care they also enjoy a healthy snack.

All the adults are tried and trusted members of the church and are DBS checked if regularly present.

To facilitate the spiritual well being of the adults and children, we run a ‘two week on - four week off’ rota. We have three teams of two people and we are always happy to welcome to the team any new members, who feel they can support this exciting, dynamic and truly important work of the LORD.

When children reach their third birthday they can join Stepping Stones and they move up to High Flyers in the September they start Year 1 at school.

Proverbs 22: 6 Train children, not in the way they would go, that of their corrupt hearts, but in the way they should go; in which, if you love them, you would have them go. As soon as possible every child should be led to the knowledge of the Saviour.

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Bible.

Stepping Stones is lead by Helen Trilsbach . Contact Helen, via the office, if you want more information about Stepping Stones for your children or if you wish to volunteer your help.