ACF Healing Centre

ACF Healing Centre 

The ACF Healing Prayer Ministry was inspired by the work of the Canadian minister, John G. Lake, who established his “Healing Rooms” ministry in Spokane, Washington around 1913. He believed that Spirit-filled Christians should enjoy the same type of ministry Jesus did while living on earth.

We also believe the Bible and the words of Jesus when He said to His followers: “the works that I do you shall also do greater things than these” (John 14:12)


The purpose of the Healing Prayer Ministry is to serve the community by helping them to reach the state of physical and emotional health that only God can bring us. Jesus came not for those who believed in Him, but for those who did not know Him or did not want to know Him, so our ministry is open to all.

For further information, or to make an appointment please contact the office or by phone on (01233) 334007.