Vision & Style

Vision and Style

The light is brightest in the darkness!

The vision of the Ashford Christian Fellowship is to empower, equip and release God’s people into their full potential, so they may become a light to Ashford, Kent and to the nations. We believe in sharing this light with family and friends, with government, schools, hospitals, businesses and wherever opportunities arise.

Jesus said; “I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life”. We believe no darkness can extinguish this light and that it provides us with joy and strength, here and now.

Our church is home to over 20 nationalities and we choose to celebrate our diversity and shared faith with joy, music, colour and vibrancy. We are an active church; we enjoy fellowship with God and with each other; good food and good times together. We share a commitment to our country, our town, our community and our members. We are honoured to work with other churches in Ashford meeting physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Our Profile and Style

The Ashford Christian Fellowship (ACF) is a Free Church influenced by the Evangelical Alliance. The church outlook would be considered Charismatic, as we are a Bible-believing church that is Holy Spirit led and operating in the gifts of the Spirit. ACF is a Gathered Community rather than a Parish or a territorial church, attracting members from a broader area around Ashford. ACF works closely with other Christian churches of all denominations in the locality and seeks to jointly celebrate that which unites us all in Christian belief.

The style of ACF church is informal, free and unscripted. We have historically invited many international preachers, which have served to build-up and empower our own membership. The focus of ACF is to take the message of the Gospel to the community and the church is currently poised to extend an outward focus towards Ashford. Our communication style is joyous with a strong focus on praise & worship music and the active participation of young and old. Members are encouraged to energetically express their spiritual nature, with the focus being on relationship with Jesus and not religion.

ACF church spans many races, backgrounds and age groups, with families being at the heart of our membership. During from the main service, we offer Sunday Schools for different age groups as well as a Youth Group.