Principles We Value

Principles we Value

The vision and values of ACF are an expression of the heart of the church. It is the shared vision and values that creates the unity among such a culturally and socially diverse church as ours.

In the spiritual realm, we will seek to encourage people to believe in the God of the impossible, rather than remain in resignation in the face of adversity and living without hope. In the practical sense, we promote through training as well as courses and seminars, the practical application of skills-development for use in the workplace, to enable people to break through. In the area of wealth creation, we will increasingly expand into ministry that empowers ordinary people to reach their full God-given potential in the marketplace.

Our principal values:

Worship and Prayer. We value encounters with the living God and celebrate His primary position in our lives. Our worship and prayer put us in His presence and are a source of joy to the faithful.

Discipleship. We believe in actively winning and keeping people for the Kingdom of God, encouraging them to deepen their faith through the study of scripture and the development of their relationship with the living God.

Life Together. We value family, friendship, food and good times! Good relationships engender a valuable sense of belonging, regardless of where we find ourselves at present. Being accepted and loving one another is our offering to every member and newcomer. We actively encourage all members to take part in life groups during the week, as well as attending church on a Sunday.

Pastoral Care. Whether we are visiting homes and hospitals, or offering marriage counselling and healing prayer, ACF pastors and members seek to build up one another as well as those seeking to renew a spiritual relationship. We assist understanding across cultural bridges and accompany those in times of difficulty or joy.

Wealth Creation. ACF is a generous church and has provided our present building. We believe God’s plan “is to prosper us, not to harm us” and that if we step out in faith in the area of provision or creation of wealth, He will encourage us. Using the God-given skills and talents from our own membership, we seek to use creative, entrepreneurial thinking to reach the full potential God has planned for us all.