Leadership team

The Leadership of Ashford Christian Fellowship

ACF is a incorporated charity, Company Limited by Guarantee and we are governed by our Pastors who provide the spiritual direction of the church and lead all the functions within the church. The Elders share in the decision making processes relating to all aspects of church life and make a spiritually focused contribution to the direction of the church. Trustees of the church have a legal responsibility for all aspects of church life and operations.

The Pastors in ACF are also Elders and some are Trustees of the church.

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Pastor David Lamb

Pastor Joyce Lamb

Pastor David Lamb

Pastor Joyce Lamb

Senior Leader Pastor Ian Fowkes

The spiritual direction of the church is led on a day-to-day basis by our Senior Leader and Elders, some of whom may also be Pastors and Trustees. The Elders usually meet regularly and they are selected, by the Senior Leader, on the basis of proven contribution and commitment to the life of the church and spiritual maturity.

The Trustees operate with both legal and financial responsibility for the church, monitoring stewardship of church income and expenditure, policy issues and major decisions that affect the direction and purpose of the church. They often have relevant professional skills and in the case of ACF, these abilities are complemented by our Management Team. The Management Team gives guidance and input on commercial, legal and financial matters to the Elders and Trustees in the interests of good stewardship.

 In addition to this leadership body, the day to day work of the church is carried out by the administrative staff and the 16 strong Deacons team who are responsible, in a voluntary capacity, for various ministries that serve the members and the community of Ashford.

If you feel called to serve in the church in any capacity, you may approach the ACF Office to register your interest. We may notify vacant positions from time to time through the website or local press. We tend to first consider making appointments by internal selection before approaching the market.