About ACF

Our History

In 1980 Sid and Liz Doyle started the Ashford Christian Fellowship with a handful of believers in a small house in Ashford, Kent. At the outset of their ministry the Lord promised: 'I will make you a light to the nations' (Isaiah. 49:6) and indeed the church grew, moved to a larger building and attracted believers from diverse backgrounds. Through the years of continued numerical and spiritual growth, ACF has worshipped on four different locations through its history.

In 1998, the Lord moved the Doyles to the USA, were they continue in ministry today.

In 1999, Pastors David and Joyce Lamb arrived as spiritual leaders for the church. Along the way, the generosity of the church membership has provided us with our own building in a key location, in the very heart of our town. The founding pastors led the Church for 19 years and the present pastors for a further 17 and this dedicated leadership has helped to provide spiritual and financial stability to ACF, as well as a solid and growing membership.

Our founding motto, "I will make you as a light unto the nations," has been transformed from a prophetic utterance to a practical reality. Our church today enjoys a strong and diverse membership of around 200 people from over 25 countries; from Africa, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe, as well as England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. All represents the shift in demographic composition that has blessed Ashford. Our church has struck a chord with international believers and seekers who have now congregated at ACF enjoying genuine fellowship and sharing vision and values.

A new chapter in the history of ACF began on Sunday 28th July 2013 when we held our first morning service in the Centrepiece Church on Bank Street. We had our official opening celebrations on 30th March 2014. The celebrations were attended by many friends, past and present. We now also have church plants in Zimbabwe.

We continue to give thanks to the Lord for this wonderful building and his continued provision to ACF.